Green Products

Green Products

Green Products (also called as environment friendly products, eco-friendly products, nature friendly products) refer to products and services that are manufactured using eco-friendly materials. These products contribute to a more sustainable form of living by inflicting less or no impact on the environment.

Green products are formed or partially formed from recycled components, produced in energy-conservative way and then supplied to the market in an eco-friendly manner.

Attributes that describe green products and services may include:

  • Produced using recycled components
  • Energy efficient with low maintenance cost
  • They do not contain toxic or harmful compounds
  • While manufacturing they produce almost no air, water pollution
  • Can be reusable, recyclable and biodegradable
  • Made using renewable resources
  • They do not contain ozone reducing substances

Green products are categorized as:

  • Solar powered products
  • Wind powered products
  • Hydro powered products

Solar powered products:

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity which is further utilized to operate electrical appliances, vehicles.

Solar fountain: Sun's energy is used to produce electricity which is used in solar fountain. The fountain works on solar energy on sunny days and on cloudy days it uses stored energy.

Solar water heater: This system supplies hot water to houses, business premises and different institutions using solar energy. The installation cost is little high but is definitely cost effective over the period of time.

Solar light / bulb: The light / bulb powered by solar panels or photovoltaic cells stores the solar energy into rechargeable battery which produces electrical energy in the night.

Solar inverter: This device uses solar energy to generate electricity which changes direct current into alternate current making it executable for home, business premises during electricity failure.

Solar battery charger: These charges use solar panels to generate energy which re-charge the solar batteries. The batteries of capacity AAA to 9V can be charged using these solar chargers.

Solar oven: The excellent alternative to traditional cooking appliances as it does not use any fuel such as coal, cooking gas or electricity. Solar oven is made up of a reflective material wherein sun rays are concentrated in a cooking box. The heat produced inside the box helps in cooking the food.

Wind powered products:

Wind power is the transfer of wind energy into usable energy. Wind power has been used as a never-ending source of reliable, efficient and a low cost power.

Wind turbines: A wind turbine is equipment that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy which in turn is used to produce electricity. The device has two or three blades that grab the wind in their propeller like blades.

Windmill: A windmill is a machine that converts the wind energy into rotational energy using sails or blades. Earlier windmills were used for milling food grains or pumping the water. But now windmills are used for various industrial purposes.

Wind pump: Wind pump is a machine that converts the wind energy into rotational energy using sails or blades. It is used for pumping water from wells, or for draining low-lying areas of land. Wind pump is an excellent and affordable option for electric power which is expensive as compared to wind.

Hydro powered products:

Hydro power (also called as hydraulic power or water power) is power derived from the force of moving water. Earlier hydropower was used for operating watermills, sawmills, dock cranes etc.

Water powered products operate on the water technology in which the water powered cells activate the devices. You need to refill the cells to keep the device operating. As long as the cell is filled with water, the devices keep functioning properly. Some of the water powered devices that operate on water technology are:

  • Batteries
  • Radios
  • Alarm clocks
  • Calculators
  • Street lights

Some other green products include:

Electric Cars:

An electric car is propelled by electric motor using electrical energy which is stored in an energy storage devices such as batteries. Recently people have started thinking of using electric car because of increase in fuel prices and the need to control greenhouse gas emission.

Electric Motorcycles and Scooters:

Electric Motorcycles and scooters are vehicles that use electric motors. Along with electric cars, electric vehicles are becoming popular in the world mainly because of rapid increase in oil prices. Electric motorcycle includes electric bicycles, electric kick scooters.