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First Renewable Unit set by Obayashi

A renewable unit is set in Japan by Obayashi, becoming the first major general contractor to do so. The unit is wholly owned by Obayashi Clean Energy Corp. This unit by Obayashi, will sell electricity produced from renewable resources. Obayashi … Continue reading

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Japan Looks Towards Oceans as Sources of Renewables

The energy shortages has forced Japan to look towards alternative sources of energy. The Japanese government is now looking towards ocean-based sources of renewable energy.

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Japan turns to Renewables

Japan faces yet another long and hot summer as it shuts down its last nuclear power plant. The need for green energy revolution is crucial while traditional sources of electricity are facing tight squeezes.

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Japan Tests a New Way of Harvesting Tidal Energy

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond announced the a Japanese firm – Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) plans to test a new methods of harvesting tidal energy at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), a research center in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, … Continue reading

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