Blue Energy Plan Conserves Cloud Forests And Boosts Hydropower

Waterfall in dense forest

Deforestation takes a toll on food security, clean water, and the livelihoods of local communities. While many companies are working on lowering their impact on the environment, would it make a difference if they were convinced that investing in restoration could help them in the long run? Continue reading

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GE Renewable Energy Enters Chilean Market With First Wind Deal

wind turbines

Credit: GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy, the renewable arm of US conglomerate General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) recently unveiled a 21.8MW deal for wind turbines for the first time in Chile. This is the first wind project of the company in Chile with Arroyo Energy Compañía de Energías Renovables Limitada. Continue reading

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Australia’s Biggest Wind Farm Set to Be Built between Geelong and Ballarat

Credit : Flickr/nigel cole

wind farm

The southern hemisphere is all set to build the biggest wind farm, which would be around 130 kilometres west of Melbourne and would power an estimated half a million homes by 2025, provided the Andrews government gives the approval. The proposed wind farm is expected to be built between the Ballarat and Geelong and would course across 167 kilometres of farmland. Continue reading

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Apple Powered 100% By Renewable Energy

Apple Park, Cupertino.

Apple Park, Cupertino. CA. Credit: YouTube

Apple released its latest 12th Annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report in March for 2018, which highlighted how India supplier, Winstron had met the milestone of Zero Waste to Landfill certification. The report also highlighted that all of Apple’s iPhone final assembly sites were also certified as Zero Waste to Landfill, and presented the new programs that promoted health and education awareness. Continue reading

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Wind Energy Surges Reflected In New Energy Market Reports

Wind Mill

Credit: Unsplash / Karsten Würth (@inf1783)

Over the last few years, the electricity consumption in the European Union has reportedly decoupled from economic growth. This is clearly reflected in the EU’s latest reports on the gas and electricity markets that include 2017 (last quarter), and have just been published. The reports contain a wide range of data about the electricity and gas supply and usage in the EU. Continue reading

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Google Achieves 100% Renewable Energy Milestone Officially

Credit: Creative Commons/Chris Lim

Tech Giant, Google is reported to have achieved meeting it’s renewable energy purchases and is also believed to have exceeded the amount of electricity used in its operations last year. In an announcement this week, Google said that it held contracts to buy 3GW of output from renewable energy projects, which are reported to be the most renewable energy till date to be purchased by a corporate entity. Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Powers More Than 100 Cities Globally

Sources of renewable energy

Sources of renewable energy. Credit: Public Domain/Kenueone

Governments all over the world are transcending towards renewable sources of energy instead of using oil and gas produced from fossil fuels. Continue reading

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Vital Things For A Renewable Energy Future

The energy mix of the planet is on a dynamic threshold of change. It is reported that the International Energy Agency is anticipating renewable electricity generation to rise by over one-third by 2022, and this only reiterates the increasing importance of renewable sources of energy. Here are a few materials that are critical to harnessing energy solar panels, batteries, turbines, and more. Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Poised To Grow To 400% by 2040


Credit: BP

The 2018 forecast for the global energy market spells renewable energy playing a powerful role in the future, according to BP the oil giant. The Energy Outlook edition highlights the forces shaping the global energy transition and considers a plethora of scenarios and is based on possible implications of different judgements and assumptions. Spencer Dale, group chief economist, explained that by 2040 oil, gas, coal, and non-fossil fuels would account to around a quarter of the world’s energy and about 40% of the increase in energy demand would be met by renewable energy. With the current trends continuing the renewables would grow by 400% by 2040, but would still account for about 14% of all the global energy demand. Continue reading

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Wind Power Gusts Away Competition in Europe

Wind energy

Wind energy

Clear energy set an amazing record attributed to the European Union (EU) in October 2017. It was reported that almost 25% of the overall electricity was achieved through wind power alone, which was said to be the first time in the EU’s history. Continue reading

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