Nestle Wind Farm In Scotland Helps To Meet Its Renewable Energy Goals

Wind park inGermany

Credit: Creative Commons/Nicole Gordine

Nestlé, the food and drink giant has opened a new onshore wind farm featuring nine turbines in Scotland that can power half of its U.K. and Ireland operations inclusive of offices, factories, and warehouses.

The wind farm developed in conjunction with the energy company, Community Windpower is located at Sanquhar in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. And, the nine turbines with a maximum capacity of 30 megawatts are producing around 125GWh of power per annum, which can provide enough surpluses to supply the annual demands of 30,000 homes.

Nestlé wind farm is facilitating to decarbonise UK and Ireland. And, the partnership between the Swiss multinational firm and Community Windpower for 15 years would contribute to the endeavour. Stefano Agostini, CEO of Nestle UK and Ireland stated that he was proud of Nestlé’s direct contribution towards the reduction of carbon in the UK and Ireland. He added that they all had a part to play in reducing climate change and its effects whilst safeguarding the planet’s future. Meanwhile, Rod Wood, Managing Director, Community Windpower stated that Nestlé was leading the way in the context of procurement of a UK source of green energy directly from the new Scottish wind farm. He added that their long-term partnership with Nestlé would contribute towards delivering a new investment in Scotland and generate jobs, economic benefits, and invaluable community contributions over the next 25 years. He added that the Scottish onshore wind was highly productive and that Sanquhar would deliver over 45% capacity factor which would be supplied to the grid reducing fossil fuel generation.

Furthermore, the business is a member of RE100, which is a global initiative of some of the world’s biggest businesses, which is all committed to renewable power. The other members of the RE100 are inclusive of Apple, Microsoft, HSBC, and Tetra Pak. There are over 58,000 jobs in Scotland’s low carbon and renewable energy economy, and renewables are the single biggest contributor to electricity production in Scotland.

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  1. Luke says:

    What about Their US operations? Do they have any green plans there? Maybe some pictures of their UK facilities to give the reader an idea of the scale of what the energy is helping run.

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