Samsung Pledges To Use 100% Renewable Energy by 2020



Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s biggest smartphone maker, recently announced a new commitment to use 100% renewable energy sources in its major facilities. The pledge extends to all its factories, operational facilities, and office buildings in the U.S., Europe, and China.

The South Korean tech giant is the first Asian electronics manufacturer to join a movement that is spearheaded by Apple Inc. and other Silicon Valley companies. Samsung has already installed solar panels to power its buildings. And, the recent announcement highlights the addition of a total of 42,000 square meters of solar panels in its main Samsung Digital City headquarters, located in Suwon, South Korea. Furthermore, the tech giant would add solar panels for its geothermal facilities and power in its Pyeongtaek campus in 2019 and its Hwaseong campus in 2020. It is also indicated that Samsung would offer some kind of assistance to its top 100 partner companies starting in 2019 so that they could set up and achieve their own renewable energy plans and timeframes. The assistance would reportedly be in alignment with the Carbon Disclosure Project supply chain program, which Samsung intends to join next year. The Carbon Disclosure Project’s supply chain program facilitates organizations and suppliers in identifying and managing climate change risks, including deforestation and water-related risks.

It has also adopted the WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund) Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles, which reportedly facilitates businesses to attain energy goals. Moreover, Samsung had earlier been under fire by environmental groups like Greenpeace for its previous lack of commitment to using renewable energy sources. However, in a recent press release, Greenpeace stated that the new announcement by Samsung was a major step forward in building a renewably powered future.

In this context, Won Kyong Kim, Samsung Electronics’ executive vice president and head of global public affairs, reiterated that Samsung Electronics was fulfilling its duty as a corporate citizen by supporting the use of renewable energy.

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