GE Renewable Energy Enters Chilean Market With First Wind Deal

wind turbines

Credit: GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy, the renewable arm of US conglomerate General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) recently unveiled a 21.8MW deal for wind turbines for the first time in Chile. This is the first wind project of the company in Chile with Arroyo Energy Compañía de Energías Renovables Limitada.

It is reported that GE would be supplying six turbines of 3.6MW having 137-metre rotors and a 110-metre tower. The machines are said to be installed at the wind sites, the El Maitén and El Nogal, which are in the south of the country, and represents around a total of 21.8MW.

Chile has an installed wind power capacity of around 1.7GW and renewable energy capacity of 4.9GW. Meanwhile, the ‘Energia 2050’, a government-led plan highlighted that around 60% of the requirements of the country would be met with renewable energy sources by 2035, and almost 70% would be met by 2050.

In the context, Vikas Anand, general manager for GE’s Onshore Wind Business in the Americas stated that they were excited to build on GE’s 90 years of presence in Chile and also bring renewable energy into the mix. He added that GE believed in the energy sector of Chile as a motor for development, and they were determined to use their hi-tech wind technology to harness the huge wind potential in the country.

GE observed that the 3MW platform was well-suited for low wind speeds and the constrained land environments where wind farms were developed in the country. And in comparison to GE’s 2.75-120 model, the 3.6-137 turbine model was capable of providing around 28% more Annual Energy Production.

Julio Friedmann, CEO of GE in Chile observed that it was a huge step for GE in the region. He added that the country had once more demonstrated its strategic value to the company and its long-term vision, and set an example to Latin America on how the energy sector should be in the future.

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