Australia’s Biggest Wind Farm Set to Be Built between Geelong and Ballarat

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The southern hemisphere is all set to build the biggest wind farm, which would be around 130 kilometres west of Melbourne and would power an estimated half a million homes by 2025, provided the Andrews government gives the approval. The proposed wind farm is expected to be built between the Ballarat and Geelong and would course across 167 kilometres of farmland.

The project would reportedly have around 228 wind turbines, and each would be 230 metres tall at their highest point. As per the planning document published recently, the wind farm would have the potential to produce around 3500 gigawatt-hours of energy a year, which would be equivalent to the average annual energy consumption of around 450,000 homes.
Meanwhile, the project was attacked by the local coalition MP who stated that it was a wasteful folly and it would do little to secure Victoria’s energy supply. The project which would cost an estimated $1.7 billion to build, and would help to reduce electricity prices and also help Victoria and Australia meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets, according to the German-backed, Gisborne-based company, West Wind Energy.

Projected as the Golden Plains Wind Farm, the energy generation capacity of the project would be between 800 and 1000 megawatts. The project reportedly has been in development since 2006 and still requires the planning approval from the Andrews government. And, West Wind Energy is hopeful of commencing with the construction in 2019. The wind farm is expected to operate by 2021 and be in full operations by 2025, and the decommissioning of the project is set to be after 2050. The project would be a major contributor to renewable energy in Victoria and help the state to achieve 40% renewable energy target by 2025 and its zero net emissions target by 2050.

Meanwhile, Planning Minister Richard Wynne reiterated that they were in the business of supporting apt clean energy projects that would create jobs for regional and rural Victorians.

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