Wind Power Gusts Away Competition in Europe

Wind energy

Wind energy

Clear energy set an amazing record attributed to the European Union (EU) in October 2017. It was reported that almost 25% of the overall electricity was achieved through wind power alone, which was said to be the first time in the EU’s history.

Wind park inGermany

Credit: Creative Commons/Nicole Gordine

It was reported that the onshore and offshore wind turbines generated sufficient electricity, which could power around 200 million European homes. This is said to be around two-thirds of the total industrial power needs, which is significant as Europe houses nearly half a billion people.

The UK and Germany have reportedly led the way and Europe contributed to a record amount of offshore wind energy in 2017. According to sources, Denmark met its energy demands (109%) with wind power alone exceeding all the energy needs for the day. And, Germany achieved 61% of its energy needs with wind, whereas Portugal stood third at 44%. On October 28, 2017, it was reported that 10 out of the 28 countries of the EU saw around a fifth of their energy needs met by wind power. The industry saw rapidly falling costs with offshore wind’s 32% drop in prices since 2012, which makes investing in the offshore wind more attractive.

In this context, ├śrsted Energy, the company that is currently in charge of building the largest offshore wind farm in the U.K. would find the market factors very promising. Meanwhile, in 2022, the Hornsea Project Two would generate enough electricity to power around 1.3 million homes in the U.K.

The future of clean energy is promising with the cost of generating wind power continuing to decline, and major cities drawing the benefits of more power from sustainable sources.

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