China – Africa to Strengthen Cooperation in Renewable Energy Sector

Wind park inGermany

Credit: Creative Commons/Nicole Gordine

A remarkable progress is seen between China and Africa in the renewable energy sector. In the first week of August 2017, the China-Africa Renewable Energy Cooperation and Innovation Alliance (CARECIA) was established in Beijing, with a specific aim to ramp up the cooperation between them in the clean energy sector.

In the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on 30th August by Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) and CARECIA it was agreed that both countries will cooperate to increase the renewable energy generation in Africa.

The Chinese smart grid experts and manufacturers of renewable energy equipment will provide the required technological and financial support. As per AREI, Africa has the highest potential for renewable energy electricity generation but is least tapped. The sustainable development plan released in the MOU says CARECIA will establish power supplies and transmission systems/grid in Africa through public-private partnership (PPP) projects.

The joint venture is considered as a part of China’s technology transfer efforts advocated by the United Nations Development Program. It will deploy and distribute the renewable energy technology across Africa. Pilot projects agreed upon in the MOU will build micro-grids in few villages and African households, in combination with large-scale renewable energy power plants. The MOU also clearly states a vision to combat climate change and to promote a sustainable socio economic development. The renewable energy development in Africa is expected to act as a central pillar of China-Africa cooperation on climate issues.

As per the environment experts in Africa, the Chinese know-how in renewable energy will help generate clean and sustainable power in the continent. At present half of the population here has no access to electricity. This also shows the strong determination of developing countries like in Africa to harness the huge potential of clean energy and overcome climate change effects like global warming.

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