Electric Vehicles Get Green Credentials Thanks to Renewable Energy

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf. Credit: Flickr/stevelyon

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have always been contested on their green credentials. Critiques have claimed that EVs are not entirely clean due to electricity being generated in power stations which are coal-fired. But, a report from Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), which has updated data on electric cars being environment-friendly reiterate the green credentials. The results state that an EV is as efficient as a gas-powered car having the capacity to make 73 miles per gallon.

The argument reportedly peaked back in 2009 and was attributed to the array of America’s energy sources, but this has changed over the time significantly. The emissions are falling, as states have moved from coal towards solar, gas, wind, and hydro. It is also reported that with the price of wind and solar power continuing to fall, the emissions would get smaller over time. The grid mix is also reportedly improving, though this is still dependent on where one lives or drives. It was observed in 2014, that 19 out of 26 regions had an average EV emission which was equal to or better than a 51-mpg car, and this is up just around nine regions in 2009.

The UCS has contested the argument that due to EVs being more emissions-intensive to build, they are reportedly a danger. The Union observed that while an 80-mile EV created around 15% more emissions at the time of construction, it was found quickly balanced out by the climate savings which were made with no further burning fuel involved. The report also highlights that a car like the Nissan Leaf within six months of its purchase had the potential to pay off its carbon-debt.  It is being hinted by EV-supporters buying an electric car could help make the planet greener.

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