New Renewable Energy Record Set By Germany

Windmills on the Bostalsee in the Saar-Hunsr├╝ck Nature Park

Windmills on the Bostalsee, Germany. Credit: Creative Commons/Sebaso

Conventional methods of power generation are dependent on processes which can harm the environment, and Germany has reportedly taken active steps by heavily investing in renewable energy sources. This is an attempt to reduce its reliance on the conventional methods. Germany’s renewable energy generation contributes significantly to its national supply. The country even broke its daily record for renewable energy last month, as it generated 85% of the total power requirement from renewable energy sources.

On April 30, nearly 85% of all the electricity consumed by the people in Germany was reportedly generated through various renewable sources such as the wind, solar, and hydroelectric. Patrick Graichen of the Agora Energiewende initiative revealed to sources that most of Germany’s coal-fired power stations were not operating on April 30.

Germany is strongly committed to renewable energy, and Graichen reiterated that by 2030, it would be completely normal for the country to be able to generate energy using clean means like the recent 85% production of energy.

The country is also aiming to prohibit combustion engines by 2030 and wants to bring down its carbon emissions to around 20% of 1996’s levels by the year 2050.

Germany is now poised as a leader in energy evolution and has set an example, which other nations can definitely follow. It is more evident now that the planet should adopt cleaner methods of generating energy.

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