A New Wave of Renewable Energy Revolution in Europe

Wind turbines from Blyth North Beach

Wind turbines from Blyth North Beach. Credit: Creative Commons/Andrew Curtis

The Northumberland coast near Blyth is poised to be linked to Norway by the world’s longest undersea power cable of around 450 km in length. The Norwegian mountain has a tunnel being constructed that would cross national borders and link to a new grid. The major project would connect the massive hydroelectric power supplies of Norway to Britain via passing of power lines drilled through the mountain near Kvilldal.

The project is still under way and would take years to complete. But on completion, it is reported that the UK would be able to import around 1,400 megawatts of electricity that would be sufficient to power over 750,000 homes. The project would also allow Britain to export surplus wind energy to Norway.

A new wave of revolution in renewable energy across Europe is evident with this. There is a steady development of an international power grid across national electricity networks by using power interconnectors, to trade surplus energy by allowing prime wind power producers in northern Europe. This includes trading electricity with large solar energy generators in southern Europe.

It is reported that the UK would be plugged into the network by using interconnectors to Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and France. A highly ambitious project involves the use of a subsea cable of around 1,000 km in length to connect Britain to the profuse supply of geothermal and hydroelectric power of Iceland.

The international power grid is featured with dependable supplies, smoothening out of intermittent power that is produced from renewable sources like wind and solar energy. It is also poised to give Britain more secure power sources with the shutting down of nuclear and coal plants.

This, in theory, can also help to decrease the wholesale energy price due to the high availability of low-cost renewable power generated.

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