Apple To Use 100% Renewable Energy For Manufacturing in Japan

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Credit: Public Domain/ Unsplash

Apple Inc. has partnered with Japanese electronics company, Ibiden, headquartered in Ogaki, Gifu prefecture, to power all of its manufacturing in Japan with 100% renewable energy.

Ibiden will be investing in more than 20 new renewable energy facilities, inclusive of one of the largest floating solar photovoltaic systems in the country.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, said in a statement that they were proud to partner with suppliers like Ibiden, who recognised that renewable energy investments were good for the environment and good for business. Jackson added that to be able to power the global operations with 100% renewable energy, it was important to help their manufacturing partners with the transition to cleaner sources and also set an example for more companies to follow suit.

According to Apple, Ibiden technology would bring together the integrated circuitry and chip packages in Apple devices.  The Japanese firm would also invest in over 12MW of solar capacity, to meet the renewables goal, inclusive of one of the largest floating photovoltaic (PV) farms in Japan. This would support Japan’s nationwide efforts in limiting its carbon emissions. Kyoichi Yamanaka, Managing Director of Ibiden’s Environment Group, said that their products would help Apple devices run smarter and that they were powering their operations with smarter energy. Yamanaka added that they were pleased to partner with Apple and lead the way in helping Japan meet its clean energy goals.

It is reported that Apple and its suppliers would be generating over 2.5TWh of clean energy per year towards the manufacturing of Apple products by the end of 2018. Apple has consistently been making progress in green energy rankings and is poised as a leader in the use of sustainable energy. In January, Apple scored 83% on Greenpeace’s Clean Energy Index, this was attributed to the low usage of energy sources like coal, natural gas, or nuclear. In 2015, the source of 93% of the energy used by Apple was attributed to renewables, and in some of its facilities in around 23 countries, it has achieved 100% clean energy.

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