Netherlands Takes a Step Ahead in Using Renewable Energy

Citypendel, colloquially known as Sprinter. Credit: Markv

Citypendel, colloquially known as Sprinter. Credit: Markv

We live in an era where everybody is giving a thought to the amount of energy that we use each day. Nations are developing projects and schemes to promote the usage of renewable energy and experts are searching for more and more apparatus for making this usage possible. However, in the midst of these endeavours, Netherlands has taken a great step towards renewable energy. It now runs all electric trains in the country on wind energy and it should be noted that Netherlands is meeting a goal to use 100 percent renewable energy.

This project could be successful because of the construction of several wind farms which made the country’s goal achievable so that it could supply power to all of their locomotives with renewable energy on Jan. 1, 2017. Initially, Netherlands had been purchasing renewable energy from fellow nations in EU and was using gas-powered plants, however, a creation of additional wind farms was necessary as it could then produce all the energy necessary to supply power to its train system autonomously.

For this project, the Dutch train companies, like NS, had worked with power company Eneco in order to supply train systems with 75 percent wind power in 2016. The goal of 100 percent renewable was set for the year 2018, however, due to rigorous efforts, the goal was achieved one year ahead of schedule.

US efforts to shift to renewable energy are also increased since a few years.  However, they are still lagging behind numerous European countries. It is estimated that about 20 million homes can at present use energy supplied by the US’s wind turbines. As per the research of the American Wind Energy Association, states of Texas, California and Iowa are the ones having major energy production from wind energy. Some of the US’s trains are fully electric, while few are still on diesel. So, US is lagging way behind the Dutch.

It can thus be said that the new year has certainly begun with optimism and a productive innovation brought forward which will surely encourage other nations to take steps towards using Renewable Energy for a better and healthier environment.

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