China All Set to Lead the World in Renewable Energy

Credit: Creative Commons/AleSpa

Credit: Creative Commons/AleSpa

China is all set to race ahead of the United States in its production and expenditure of renewable energy. The country has scrapped its plans of investing in coal plants near Beijing and is looking out to derive energy from alternative sources.

Coal-fired power plants have boosted the manufacturing industry in the country, but these plants also have created many health crises like smog and toxic water pollution. Therefore this switch to the renewable energy is a welcome one. China has already invested about $103 billion in renewable energy sector, which makes about 36% of the total world investments. It has also been predicted that by 2020, half of China’s electricity will be generated from wind, solar, hydro and nuclear power projects. This venture is also expected to generate 13 million jobs in the energy sector.

The United States have experienced similar kind of growth during the time of Barak Obama, and it has been reported that the country will continue to invest in renewable power sources under the administration of President Trump also.

Solar Power is already a cheaper option in some countries, and in some years it will become one of the lowest cost energy sources in the world. However, if US relapse in its renewable energy development, then other developing countries like India will pick up the reins.


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