Wind Energy – An important source of electricity in US


Wind energy is becoming a major source of electricity in the recent years.  Last year, Iowa has generated 31% of its power from wind resources, which is the most in the country.  Other states, including South Dakota (25.5%) and Kansas (23.9%) are not too behind.

Solar energy has generated only about 1% of total electricity in the U.S. last year compared to the wind energy which has generated as much as 4.7%.  There is a misconception that solar energy is the major contributor in electricity production.

Wind is not dense in all the areas.  It is scattered in high density somewhere whereas in low density somewhere. To support the fact the research says, the Midwest has the most production of energy from wind.  Also, the Northwestern states such as Montana, Idaho & Wyoming have a huge capacity of generating energy through wind power.  Texas is another big producer that has produced up to 10% of its power from wind last year.  In December 2015, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas area which covers three-quarters of the entire state reported that wind met almost 45% of demand at some points.

On the other hand, there’s no wind production and generation of power in the South, outside Texas and Oklahoma, and a tiny amount in Tennessee (in West Virginia, wind accounts for almost 1.9% of production).  Connecticut and North Carolina have started putting up wind turbines recently.

The windy states such as Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa generated more electricity from wind than the entire power output of Georgia and Colorado combined.  And the U.S. comparatively, generated more wind power than any other country. This included China and Germany as well.

Now one should think and tickle their brains over the importance of generating and inventing wind turbines. This renewable energy source is indeed making wonders in generating power.

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