Revolution In Generating Electricity Using Wing Waves From Sea

Ocean Energy “Wing Wave” System

The Wing wave technology is being worked on by Stephen Wood, an assistant professor of marine and environment system at Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering.

Wave energy is produced when generators of electricity are placed under the sea. The energy provided is in desalination plants, water pumps and power plants. Determinants of energy output are wave height, speed, length and water density. Over 200,000 houses can use wing wave generated electricity with the aid of one square miles of wings that generate 1000 units of electric power. The power is generated by elliptical motion wave that is changing into mechanical energy.

There are two basic requirements, namely:
1. Depth of 40 to 50 feet
2. Sandy bottom, where sea fans are placed.

Bigger wings can be used to tap water for electricity generation if they are placed near the ocean. The wings of the fans have a trapezoidal shape that is 8 feet tall and 15 feet wide and they will be moved through the road. The height and width of the wings are made with caution so that they can be easily transported via the road and then placed under the sea.

Advantages of generating electricity from wing waves

  • The process of generating electricity is clean and green
  • Wing waves are environmentally friendly to aquatic lives hence they do not cause any danger to the plants or animals, in fact, they actually attract fish.
  • Electricity generated can be transferred to land by using cables hence it can be used as an alternative power supply
  • Wing waves lasts for a long period, up to 20 years, if they are maintained properly
  • The wings get locked when the conditions at the sea are not conducive for instance in the case of an hurricane
  • The technology helps in desalinization of sea water and can operate effectively in coastal areas
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