Bill Gates Doubling his Invesment in Renewable Energy Technology

Creative Commons/Iain Thompson

Creative Commons/Iain Thompson

Since he left Microsoft in 2014, Bill Gates has been involved in trying to improve health and end poverty in 3rd world nations. Another project of his has been to fund companies that supply alternative energy sources. He started funding the latter a few years before he left Microsoft.

In 2011, Bill Gates donated a grand total of $1B into renewable energy. This included supplying 8 universities with solar-powered toilets that could turn human waste into viable energy. He also invested $100M in Terra Firma, the world leader in renewable energy. Terra Firma uses wind to generate energy. This year, Bill Gates wants to double his contribution in renewable energy technology. Gates believes there’s no battery source around that’s powerful enough to compete with wind and solar power.

This year, Bill Gates wants to invest $2B of his $78B fortune into more renewable energy and alternative energy. Gates is interested in helping any energy company that wants to find an alternative to using fossil fuel for electricity and heating. Such examples include using solar, wind, and water instead of batteries, petroleum, and fuels. The multi-billionaire’s quite fond of “solar chemical power”. The process is similar to photosynthesis in plants that use light energy and water to produce sugar and carbon dioxide. Companies can use photosynthesis to create hydrogen fuel and high-altitude wind power.

Bill Gates who’s responsible for most homes, businesses, and libraries having personal computers, believes that technology isn’t the answer to the world’s problems. Going solar is not expensive. Foreign countries are working to replace oil and coal entirely with solar energy. Renewable and alternate energy can end air and water pollution that kill animals and cause some types of cancer.

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