High Time India Focused on Alternative Sources of Energy

According to German expert, Reinhard Plotz, it’s about time India looked into alternative sources of energy to power the needs of it burgeoning population.

Reinhard Plotz research says that ninety eight percent of India’s huge energy requirement is sufficed mainly by thermal and hydro power with only two percent by renewable sources. India now needs to tap into other resources of energy.

The consumption of fossil fuels in the transportation sector will reduce by more than fifty percent if India switches to alternative systems such as solar energy. For example, public transportation like trains and buses etc could run on gas or hydrogen while the people could start using new generation of solar panel cars. Three million tonnes less petroleum would be used every year, if everyone starts thinking green.

Plotz, who was at the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management to deliver a lecture, also said that solar ovens, solar tower systems and solar updraft towers are the best and easiest options to meet the increasing energy demands. He suggested the use of fuel cells to power cars and other electronic devices as well sustainable residential developments for maximum use of solar energy.

However, before applying any of the above steps, questions like government aid for installation of renewable energy sources, compensating for refunding the electricity fed into the grid and the security of investments, need to be addressed.

Image Credit: Creative Commons / Stephan Mosel from Gie├čen, Germany

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