China’s Wind Farms

China, a progressive country that successfully captured the manufacturing sector in no time has now set its eyes on the energy sector and is all geared up to take hold of this renewable energy industry as well.

The Hexi Corridor in Gansu province will be converted into the said demonstration zone. The unique and superior geographical, climate, and transportation conditions of Gansu will be ideal for this conversion. Moreover, an equally important reason is that Gansu is rich in renewable energy resources including wind when compared with the other provinces or cities in China.

Gansu Electric Power Design Institute of the China Energy Engineering Group will be managing the project while Gansu Electric Power Corporation of State Grid has done the design and planning review. Development of the first 3 GW of wind farms is scheduled to start in the first half of the year and be completed and fully functional by year-end. The province has also planned a number of supporting facilities such as pumped storage power stations and peaking power plants which will eventually support the energy conversion at wind farms.

China is striving to develop wind farms as well as this demonstration zone for renewable energy in a bid to provide itself with dependable energy sources and at the same time, minimize its  dependency on foreign oil and gas.

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