Liquid Engineering: Houses with Water

Photo: Kiss Marcel/Architect Forum

Photo: Kiss Marcel/Architect Forum

Keeping up with business and technology trends is your life, but have you heard of this one? This new form of renewable energy will shock you, because it definitely took me by my arms. It’s called the water house.

On a quest to renew the world, architect Matyas Gutai discovered a new path for sustainable energy. Liquid engineering is commonly known as the future of the computer science world. Alongside reducing energy demand for processors, this cutting edge tech is a medium for energy transfer.

Seeing another possibility spawning, Gutai moved and took claim to a new type of renewable energy. The water house disregards the building practice of ancient times. Just as Ford’s new business model took the industrial age by storm, this new practice has done the same to the architectural world.

We live in a world where bigger is always better. But this is no longer the case according to Gutai’s new philosophy. A big strong immovable structure has always been the heart of design. This faulty thinking allows the water house to shine.

Gutai believes the secret lies in a structure being responsive. The water house structure is always in response mode. The structure can heat or cool on demand.

The water house has 2 rivals when it comes to sustainable design and alternative energy. First being passivhaus, relying on thick insulation and ventilation to increase energy efficiency. The second rival is active house, which relies on collecting renewable energy from the environment.

Both options have their benefits, but when it comes to design and energy efficiency they have their limits. Since they both were designed to sustain a European climate, this presents a major fault. These 2 methods also overlook a few hidden contributors to sustainability like local materials, transportation, and material consumption.

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Tesla’s low-cost renewable battery could revolutionise Africa’s energy supply

Humanitarian efforts in Africa are changing direction for the better. The focus is now on providing unique sources of energy to keep communities going throughout the year. Leaders are collaborating with Tesla to keep a low-cost renewable battery going for their guests. Each battery has the capacity to power an individual home for up to 5 hours. Power in countries such as Nigeria tends to go out quickly, making life entirely unpredictable. Continue reading

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Australian Tallow Industry Finds New Openings in Singapore Market

By FotoosvanRobin [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By FotoosvanRobin [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In Australia, Singapore has emerged as a key demand centre for inedible tallow exports where it is used in biodiesel production. Inedible tallow is rendered livestock fat and offal that are left over from the slaughter process. Continue reading

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Dubai Trolley Hits the Streets of Dubai

Dubai has placed itself in the forefront by adopting innovative technological methods of renewable energy. This time, the Dubai Trolley beckons you with a never-ending travel experience of Downtown Dubai. Continue reading

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Scientists Make A Breakthrough To Developing Renewable Propane

Stove gas fire flame

Analysts at The College of Manchester have made a considerable advance in the advancement of artificial paths that will allow renewable bio synthesis of the gas propane. Continue reading

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The Impact of Technological Advancements on Renewable Energy

Wind farm

Renewable energy and alternative energy are hot topics often mentioned in the media. Politicians are divided about the reality of global warming. Regardless of how anyone feels, it is obvious that current market and industry trends are not meeting the long term needs of our society or environment. In fact, renewable and alternative energy research and development should be a top priority. Below explains different emerging energy technologies that are making trends and headlines. Continue reading

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Michigan State University invents Invisible Solar Cells

Credit: Michigan state university

Credit: Michigan state university

Michigan State University has recently developed an invisible solar cells which looks like a glass. The solar cell is almost transparent and has organic molecules Lunt that appear to generate solar energy by absorbing non-visible wavelengths of sunlight. Continue reading

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The Fatal Implications of Renewable Energy

Creative Commons/Juhaskov

Creative Commons/Juhaskov

All along the lonely highway stretches in west Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Colorado or even parts of California, wind farms have become an intrinsic part of America. Facts say there are almost 50,000 wind turbines whirling their blades across 39 states in the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Continue reading

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Georgetown to go 100% renewable, thanks to SunEdison

Georgetown, a Texan city in the United States will completely wean off its 50,000 residents off fossil fuels by replacing their energy supplies with solar & wind electricity. The town will most of its power from SunEdison when the company completes its 150 megawatts of solar farms this year.
Continue reading

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New Airborne Windmill to Hover in the Alaska Skies

A new kind of wind turbine will be hovering in the Alaska skies by 2013. The towerless turbine will be floating inside a high-tech helium balloon up to an altitude of 1,000 feet. Continue reading

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