Wind Power Gusts Away Competition in Europe

Wind park inGermany

Credit: Creative Commons/Nicole Gordine

Clear energy set an amazing record attributed to the European Union (EU) in October 2017. It was reported that almost 25% of the overall electricity was achieved through wind power alone, which was said to be the first time in the EU’s history. Continue reading

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T-Mobile Pledges to Use 100% Renewable Energy By 2021


Credit: Flickr / Mike Mozart

Telecommunications company, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS), took a leap forward towards their clean energy commitment, by unveiling a second wind farm project backed by the Un-carrier. The telecommunications company has pledged to use renewable power to account for 100% of its energy use by 2021 and has joined RE100, an international initiative that works for over 100 businesses to reduce their carbon footprints. It is reported that nearly 123 companies had joined RE100, which includes tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and the overseas telecom companies like KPN, BT, Telefonica, and Proximus. Continue reading

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Saudi Seeks Renewable-Energy Push From Latin America

Abdul Latif Jameel Company Ltd

Abdul Latif Jameel Company Ltd., a Saudi Arabian industrial firm that is involved in auto imports to real estate, is reportedly seeking attention from the clean-energy market of Latin America. According to Roberto de Diego Arozamena, Chief Executive Officer of Abdul Latif Jameel’s energy unit, the company is focusing on government-organized auctions, in which developers seek for long-term contracts to sell power. It is observed that the governments in Mexico, Chile, and Peru offer a strong potential for growth in renewable energy, and encourage international investors to facilitate in diversifying the electricity mix.

The Saudi company acquired the Spanish solar developer Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) in 2015. The acquisition came with around 3.8 GW of projects in emerging solar markets inclusive of Africa, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Abdul Latif Jameel Energy is reportedly developing around 5 GW of renewable energy projects globally and 30% of this is in Latin America. Arozamena stated that Latin America was an important market in the context of declining costs of renewables and governments giving support.

Meanwhile, the Saudi company’s quest for renewable-energy is aligned to the target set in 2016 of producing around 70% of its power from natural gas and 30% from renewables and other sources by 2030. It is reported that investments in the clean power market of Latin America rose 65% to $17.2 billion last year. According to sources, this was said to be much higher than the global average of 3%.

The clean-energy projects of Mexico are reportedly booming and this has put the country neck-to-neck with Brazil in the context of investments. Abdul Latif Jameel Energy recently said that it had secured financing to start with the construction of a 342-megawatt solar project in Mexico, which would be the first in the country. And, in Chile, it was awarded a hybrid project that would power around 224,000 Chilean homes. Arozamena added that they had a strong pipeline in Latin America and they would focus on solar and wind.

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UAE Applauds China’s Contribution to its Renewable Energy Plans

Solar Panels

China has reportedly played a vital role in the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) renewable energy strategy for the region, as reiterated by the UAE Minister of Energy and Industry, H.E. Eng. Suhail Al-Mazrouei recently. Continue reading

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Wind Energy – Cheapest Source of Clean Energy in India

Wind power has been acclaimed as the cheapest source of renewable energy in India. The wind generation capacity in India has reportedly increased over thirty years, and also holds the 4th position in the world with installations of over 31 GW at the end of March 2017. Continue reading

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California Poised To Achieve Renewable Energy Goal 10 Years Early

Dillon Wind Power Project

Dillon Wind Power Project

California looks all set to achieve its renewable energy goal a decade ahead of schedule. Governor Jerry Brown had signed a law committing to renewable energy and stating that 50% of its electricity would come from the source by 2030.

Continue reading

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50+ US Cities Strong On Commitment To 100% Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Cities across the United States have leapfrogged towards establishing strong commitments towards 100% clean, renewable energy. It is reported that over 50 cities and towns in the United States have made the transition to 100% renewable energy sources including solar power and wind. Recently, the Truckee, California Town Council, the City of Goleta (California), and Buncombe County (North Carolina) have set similar goals to transition to clean electricity by 2030.

Paula Perotte, the Goleta Mayor stated that she was proud that Goleta had adopted the energy goal. Meanwhile, five cities including Burlington (VT), Greensburg (KS), and Kodiak Island (AK), have reportedly already achieved their targets.

Clean energy commitments have been creating new waves and this will pave the future of energy in communities across the country. The Sierra Club environmental organization’s Ready For 100 campaign has published a new report, in which 10 U.S. cities including Atlanta (GA), Madison (WI), Pueblo (CO), and more have been highlighted. The report presents the steps taken by the communities towards achieving their 100% clean, renewable energy goals.

Meanwhile, Jodie Van Horn, Director of the Ready For 100 campaign said in a statement that local leaders in cities and towns would move the country forward in a transition towards 100% clean, renewable energy, even as the Trump Administration turned its back on clean air and water. He added that it was vital to work towards ensuring that everyone benefits in the switch to cleaner and healthier sources of energy. And, Jenny Hatch, Executive Director of the Sierra Nevada Alliance stated that Truckee recognized the impacts on the local economy and the environment.

A statement issued by Salt Lake City Mayor, Jackie Biskupski, a Co-Chair of Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, stated that cities that made the investment today towards protecting their environment, were positioning themselves to be the social and economic powerhouses of tomorrow.

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Hydropower Projects Rise 300% Across Balkans Risking Wildlife

Vjosa River

Vjosa River. Credit: Creative Commons / Decius

The last remaining wild rivers of Europe flowing through the Balkans have been a habitat for a multitude of plants and animals. In the last two years, hydropower constructions have reportedly risen by 300% across the western Balkan region, threatening irreparable damage to the region’s exclusive biospheres.

Continue reading

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Costa Rica Completely Runs on Renewable Energy for 300 Days

Pirris Dam, Costa Rica

Pirris Dam, Costa Rica. Credit: Creative Commons

Costa Rica, a nation comprised of around 5 million people has accomplished another clean energy accolade. The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) has reiterated that the Central American country has run on 300 days of 100% power generation from renewable energy sources by citing figures from the National Centre for Energy Control. Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Witnesses a Bright Future in Hawaii

solar installation

Keahole Solar Power’s Holaniku installation, Big Island of Hawaii.
Credit: CC/Xklaim

Hawaii is poised to lead the solar and energy storage for the future, with the state already generating more solar power per person than any other state. Hawaii has been the solar industry’s proving grounds, and the island of Kaua’i has been contributing enormously in this front. Continue reading

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