Australia Poised to Run on Renewable Energy in 15 Years

Credit: Creative Commons/Chris Lim

Australia is making major renewable energy strides and is on track to reach the Paris Agreement renewable energy target by 2025. The nation is all set to achieve its target of 100% renewable energy by early 2030. And, this would be possible provided the current uptake of renewable energy options in the residential and commercial sectors remains strong. Continue reading

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Most Encouraging Renewable Trends for Electric Vehicles

Sion Sono Motors

Credit: Sono Motors GmbH

Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly getting popular in the energy industry as a competitive option for clean transport. In the context of renewable-based electricity, EVs are offering low or zero-carbon transport, which the industry experts believe would occupy the roads in near future. Continue reading

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Which Renewable Energy Sources Are The Cheapest?


windmills. Credit: Public Domain/Unsplash

The ever-growing quest to make the greenest choices is a worldwide phenomenon. And, while scientists, researchers, and advocates are working towards bringing down the costs, one might wonder what the cheapest energy source is? Continue reading

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Greek Island To Be Mediterranean’s First To Run on Renewable Energy

Tilos island

Tilos island, Greece, Credit: CC / Chrischerf

The tiny Greek Cycladic island of Tilos is poised to become Mediterranean’s first to run on 100% sustainable solutions. The island is all set to roll out a network of advanced wind and solar power charging a network of advanced batteries. Continue reading

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New South Wales Poised to Expand Renewable Energy Hub

Sapphire Wind Farm

Credit: Sapphire Wind Farm

Australia’s leading renewable energy developer, CWP Renewables recently announced its plans about adding a 200 MW solar plus storage project to the 270 MW Sapphire Wind Farm. Continue reading

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First Large US Offshore Wind Farm Offers Record-low Pricing

Vineyard Wind

Credit: Vineyard Wind

Renewable energy in the US could well be creating waves, with its first commercial-scale offshore wind farm, the 800-megawatt Vineyard Wind project saving electricity. The wind farm located off the coast of Massachusetts could save electricity to the tune of around $1.4 billion. The savings would be over 20 years, which would be achieved by supplying power of around 18% cheaper than any other alternative sources. Continue reading

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Nestle Wind Farm In Scotland Helps To Meet Its Renewable Energy Goals

Wind park inGermany

Credit: Creative Commons/Nicole Gordine

Nestlé, the food and drink giant has opened a new onshore wind farm featuring nine turbines in Scotland that can power half of its U.K. and Ireland operations inclusive of offices, factories, and warehouses. Continue reading

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Indonesia Set To Produce Wind Power With Its First Wind Farm

Sidrap Indonesia

Credit: UPC Renewables

Indonesia’s first wind farm celebrated its commissioning on behest of Independent power producer (IPP) UPC Renewables at a ceremony in July. The country is among one of the fastest growing countries for energy consumption, and the wind power project development is a source of national pride. Continue reading

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Samsung Pledges To Use 100% Renewable Energy by 2020



Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s biggest smartphone maker, recently announced a new commitment to use 100% renewable energy sources in its major facilities. The pledge extends to all its factories, operational facilities, and office buildings in the U.S., Europe, and China. Continue reading

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Mexico Sets Forward As Word Leader On Renewables And Energy Reform

Wind and Solar reportedly have a huge potential in Mexico’s liberalised energy markets and the reforms are being seen as a key to expanding energy. Continue reading

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