The Impact of Technological Advancements on Renewable Energy

Wind farm

Renewable energy and alternative energy are hot topics often mentioned in the media. Politicians are divided about the reality of global warming. Regardless of how anyone feels, it is obvious that current market and industry trends are not meeting the long term needs of our society or environment. In fact, renewable and alternative energy research and development should be a top priority. Below explains different emerging energy technologies that are making trends and headlines. Continue reading

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Michigan State University invents Invisible Solar Cells

Credit: Michigan state university

Credit: Michigan state university

Michigan State University has recently developed an invisible solar cells which looks like a glass. The solar cell is almost transparent and has organic molecules Lunt that appear to generate solar energy by absorbing non-visible wavelengths of sunlight. Continue reading

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The Fatal Implications of Renewable Energy

Creative Commons/Juhaskov

Creative Commons/Juhaskov

All along the lonely highway stretches in west Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Colorado or even parts of California, wind farms have become an intrinsic part of America. Facts say there are almost 50,000 wind turbines whirling their blades across 39 states in the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Continue reading

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Georgetown to go 100% renewable, thanks to SunEdison

Georgetown, a Texan city in the United States will completely wean off its 50,000 residents off fossil fuels by replacing their energy supplies with solar & wind electricity. The town will most of its power from SunEdison when the company completes its 150 megawatts of solar farms this year.
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New Airborne Windmill to Hover in the Alaska Skies

A new kind of wind turbine will be hovering in the Alaska skies by 2013. The towerless turbine will be floating inside a high-tech helium balloon up to an altitude of 1,000 feet. Continue reading

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Poland Looks to Sea for Renewable Energy

Creative Commons/Juhaskov

Poland is looking towards offshore wind farms, in it’s effort to meet the EU recommendations and curb the dependence on Russian energy imports. Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Firms in Spain Seek Opportunities in South Africa

Creative Commons/tshrinivasan

The Spanish government did away with subsidies for renewables in an effort to cut down its budget deficit. This measure by the Spanish government forced giant renewable firms like Abengoa and Iberdrola to search outside Spain and Europe for opportunities in renewable energy. Continue reading

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IRENA Positive About Renewable Energy Revolution

Creative Commons/tshrinivasan

Renewable energy is fast becoming a powerful source for millions of people worldwide, who are off the grid. Continue reading

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India, Malaysia Sign MoU on Renewable Energy

Creative Commons/Ignacio Malapitan III

India and Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in an effort to boost their respective energy sectors though co-operative measures in the renewable energy sector. Continue reading

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Irish Ports Target Renewable Energy Market

This is a view of Foynes Harbour taken from the car park above Foynes Yacht club on the N69.

Nearly €21bn have been reserved for potential development of the renewable energy sector in the Irish Sea. These reserves which will be used in creation, installation, operation, and maintenance of offshore renewable energy projects are now being eyed by Irish ports. Realizing the positive future of alternative energy sources, ports in the Irish sea have decided to tap the market by developing necessary facilities and infrastructure. Continue reading

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